Tricia C.

“There are not enough good things I can say about Dr. Huang! I came to her not too long after my 4th brain surgery, seeking help for nutritional supplementation that would work alongside my chemo; and separately, the chronic lower back pain I’d had for 12 years. Since I began seeing Dr. Huang, I have not had one more day of living in pain, hobbling around, half bent over. Additionally, she has helped me to get my stomach sorted out and begin digesting well for the first time in many years. Furthermore, Dr. Huang recognized my need for NET therapy, an easy, quick, efficient, and extremely effective form of psychological therapy that has helped ease my anxiety, P.T.S.D, and even my normal day-to-day stress enormously. 

And I haven’t even yet mentioned her character! Dr. Huang is the most positive, encouraging, friendly, and stress-free practioner I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many. I actually enjoy and look forward to my visits with Dr. Huang. It is like going to see a friend. She makes herself available and easy to get ahold of, and that also makes her stand out as a practitioner. To friends I have recommended her to, I have said, “Go see Dr. Huang! It’s life-changing!”

Kirk S.

As an elite athlete, regular appointments with Rebecca are probably the most impactful thing I do training-wise to ensure I am able stay healthy and compete. I have been seeing Rebecca for over a year for herniated discs, knee problems, stress fractures and whatever other injuries I manage to accrue, and feel confident that Rebecca will be able to fix anything I put my body through over the coming years. Rebecca is thoughtful and thorough, and I would strongly recommend her and her methods to anyone with chronic or acute issues.

Andrew L.

I am a martial arts and personal trainer and inevitably, I have had injuries that needed work over the years. One in particular was one where I landed my shoulder and it went untreated for years (my fault). I went to Rebecca thinking that nothing much would happen, however Rebecca was to this day one of the few professionals who found and addressed the source of my discomfort (in my hip)! Rebecca is not only knowledgeable, but also very intuitive. Pair that with her bedside manner makes her a chiropractor you need to see! Her methods have ensured me that I could go back to training and hitting the gym with new knowledge of my body. Dr. Rebecca Huang is the chiro for you! 

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