Concussion – Head Injuries

Concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, where a force or a whiplash injury is applied to the skull and causes the brain to bounce and hit the skull inside. The most common types of force that can cause a concussion are direct, sudden acceleration/deceleration, or a blast.

Fluid that cushions the brain is called CSF, and the brain is suspended connective tissue called dural meningeal system. When the head is hit with a great enough force, this can cause the brain to bounce and hit the inside of the skull – bruising a part of the brain. This causes microscopic damage to the cells without obvious structural damage on the outside. If the force is strong enough there can also be swelling to the brain, and an increase in intracranial pressure. This can cause inadequate blood flow, decreased waste exchange, decreased oxygen and nutrients to the brain – all leading to neurological damage, and possible lasting neurological symptoms.

The piece that is usually missed by standard medical professionals is that if there are enough or consistent forces that can traumatize the brain, then there is often neck trauma in the form of a whiplash type injury concurrent with the concussion. This is why many concussion symptoms continue for years and may not resolve completely.

The warning signs of head and neck injury are the following:

  • Headaches that are constant and reoccurring
  • Changes in hearing abilities, taste and smell, vision
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Inability to do coordinated motor functions, and a disturbance in balance
  • Shortened attention span, difficulty concentrating on tasks at hand, unable to follow instructions
  • Memory loss
  • Emotionally unstable or lack of emotions

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